Kleral Platinker Blonde Lightener 400 g 

(herbal ingredients that protect hair from chemical damage during process with toning aspects)

Solaris D Eugene Perma- Demaq
Solaris H4 Eugene Perma- Lightening oil

 Eugene Perma Solaris DEMAQ compact makeup remover box of 12x25g

( total/partial makeup remover )

Trionics SEA the difference 450 g Violet based Clay lightener 450 g

(rapid 8 shades of lift )

Eugene Perma Solaris Poudr 6 by Eugene Perma 450 g 

(hair painting- Balayage)

 Balayage, Ombre, babylights, sun-kissed, platinum

Eugene Perma Solaris C5 by Eugene Perma -Cream 5 lightening 60ml 

(honey, golden, nutty tones)

Solaris P6 Eugene Perma- poudre 6

 Eugene Perma Solaris

LAIT - Neutralizing Milk Shampoo 16.9 oz

( After process shampoo )

Eugene Perma Solaris Compact Intensive Bleaching Powder 450 g 

(on or Off the scalp)

Eugene Perma Solaris powder 9, ultra powerful multi-technique bleaching powder 450 g

(open air or under paper)

Solaris C5Eugene Perma- Creme 5
Solaris P9 Eugene Perma- poudre 9
Solaris Pt7 Eugene Perma- Pat 7
Solaris L Eugene Perma- Lait- Neutralizing Milk
Solaris P7 Eugene Perma- poudre 7

 Eugene Perma Solaris

Pat 7 - Bleaching paste

( Lightens up to 7 shades )

 Eugene Perma Solaris Huil 4 - Lightening oil 16.9 oz

( Lightens up to 4 shades )